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1940 Census

1943 Penny

The United States Lincoln Cent from 1943
The Lincoln cent has an interesting history that dates back more than a century, having first been introduced in August 1909. The 1943 penny is noteworthy in particular because the United States was at war and rather than produce the standard 1943 copper penny, the decision was made to produce a 1943 steel penny instead. The copper was used for the far more important production of shell casings for the war effort. While many believe the 1943 Steel Penny to be rare, it really isn't all that rare given the large number that were minted during that year. Far more rare would be a 1943 copper penny — fewer than a dozen are known to exist.

1943 Steel Penny (Front) 1943 Steel Penny (Back) 1943 Copper Penny

The Lincoln cent is sometimes referred to as the VDB cent. These are the initials of the coins designer, Victor David Brenner. When the coin was introduced in 1909, his initials appeared on the lower portion of the back side, but was later removed following criticism from others inside and outside the U.S. Mint. Brenner's initials can still be seen on the lower left edge of Lincoln's right shoulder on the front of the coin. So, if you have an old jar of pennies, you may start searching for a 1943 steel penny or the more elusive 1943 copper penny.

If you're a family historian, you'll have far better luck looking for Victor David Brenner in the U.S. Federal Census.

1940 Census

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1940 Census
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1940 Census

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