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1940s Slang

Do You Recognize this 1940s Slang?
The English language has evolved over time. Often times, words and phrases become part of every day speech and endure over time while others fade from use and become an oddity when heard in a movie or read in the pages of a book or newspaper.

Which of the following 1940s slang words or phrases do you recognize?

1940s Slang
— ameche
— b.y.t.
— bag
— barouche
— brainchild
— bunny
— city slicker
— corny
— cosy
— creep
— eager beaver
— fuddy-duddy
— gobbledygook
— gone with the wind
— grandstand
— grotty
— hi-de-ho
— in cahoots with
— lettuce
— old hat
— pass the buck
— pennies from heaven

Let us know if you know of another 1940s slang and we'll add it to our list

1940s Slang

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