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1940 Census

1940 Census Overview

1940 Census Overview This 1940 Census Overview will give you the basics for understanding and using the 1940 census for your genealogy research. The links below are in addition to those which appear at the top of each page. The image at left reminds us just how far computer technology has come since government officials conducted the sixteenth census of the United States.

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Need an Overview for all U.S. Census Records 1790–1940?
If you're somewhat new to using census records or perhaps just in need of a refresher, we also have a more general overview for all U.S. Census Records from 1790–1940. These census basics will serve as a census 101 which you can save to your list of favorite web sites or bookmark for future use.

Finding 1940 Census Enumeration Districts
To find one or more people in the 1940 census without an index requires you to browse, page by page, through 1940 census schedules. To narrow your search, you can focus on a state, then county or parish, then a particular city or town. A more refined breakdown, called an Enumeration District (or ED) was used by census officials. A tool for finding 1940 census enumeration districts has been created and is available for your free use. Our thanks to Steve Morse, Joel Weintraub, and the many volunteers they helped manage to create this unique and useful series of tools.

1940 Census Online

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1940 Census

Other Notable Sources for 1940 Census News
As family historians ourselves, we know you're busy so we've put together a few links we hope are useful in letting you search specific online resources that we have found are very useful for family history and genealogy, especially as it pertains to information about the U.S. Federal Census.

Each text link below will automatically launch a Google Web Search in a new browser window, taking you directly to the most up-to-date results for 1940 Census information on the corresponding web site. An example is shown below in case you would like to use Google's directed search for one of your other favorite sites.

Google Site Search for 1940 Census

    » Search for 1940 Census data on FamilySearch.org (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
    » Search for 1940 Census news at eogn.com (Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy News)
    » Search for 1940 Census pages at archives.gov (The U.S. National Archives & Records Administration)
    » Search for 1940 Census pages at census.gov (The U.S. Census Bureau)
    » Search for 1940 Census posts on Google+
    » Search for 1940 Census Blog postings at blogspot.com (Google's Blogger Service)
    » Search for 1940 Census Tweets at twitter.com

1940 Census Records

If you know of other 1940 census or other helpful genealogy sites, please contact us.